Recording and Call Analysis.
Transcription in 20 languages, fast, simple and reliable.

Solution for Legal Intercepting and Quality Analysis for Call Center with Arificial Intelligence models.



Artificial Intelligence has several metric abilities applied to telephony that add incalculable value in the analysis and decision making.

Sentiment analysis: AI can analyze tone of voice, words used and other variables to determine the general feeling of the interlocutors on a call.

Emotion detection: Can identify emotions such as happiness, anger, sadness, etc., in the voices of the interlocutors during the call.

Pattern recognition: AI can identify patterns in conversations that can indicate the quality of the conversation call, such as frequency of interruptions, duration of pauses, etc.

Transcription and text analysis:You can transcribe the call and analyze the text to identify recurring themes, keywords and other relevant aspects that allow direct evaluation of the business.


Intercept AI Applications

Security – Legal Interception

Upon request from the authorities and in compliance with local laws, intercession profiles are applied for clients or numbers, the purpose is to provide the information to the competent authorities.

Control and Quality of Call Center Service

Analysis of quality and customer satisfaction in Call Center services. Under call recording notice, Apolo Intercept can evaluate the quality and performance of agents, compliance with standards and customer service procedures.

Call Classification and Recording

Node to record and store Contact Center calls in a structured way with easy export and organization of information.

Online Interception

Legally monitor phone calls with a single click, technologically anything is possible.

Intelligent Detection

Detects key words and phrases in conversations to execute security procedures or supervise Call Center agents.

Voice-Text Transcription

Get call transcripts in text, organized by caller and called. Analysis tool to increase quality of care.

System architecture

Apolo Intercept can integrate with any telecommunications architecture over SIP protocol. It works as a system that is interspersed between centers or platforms to perform interception and analysis functions. The connection can be made as a local probe on any node or simply as an intermediate node between the caller and the terminating Gateway.

  • Multi trunk entry.
  • Maintains and conserves all signaling and media parameters.
  • One system, many users with independent profiles.
  • Mass call recording.
  • Fraud Detection.

Online Interception
AI profiles

Monitor calls and status online, intercept and listen to the call from side A or B as needed. Additionally, you can create Intelligent interception profiles.

  • Intercept and listen to calls with one click.
  • Configure profiles for recording by ANI or Call Number.
  • Configure call transcription and Sentiment analysis.
  • Access call recordings and transcripts files.

Intelligent Detection
Words or Phrases

Currently it is a challenge to find threats or fraud, the intelligent detection tool will be able to detect words or phrases mentioned in one or thousands of calls, by simply writing them in a detection profile the system will perform an analysis providing a detailed result of the call and the threat found, the call time, etc.

This same detection tool is used for the analysis of conversations between Agents and Customers, additionally providing customer satisfaction analysis based on Artificial Intelligence emotion models.

  • Load the phrases or words to detect just by writing them in a profile.
  • Results based on AI models with a high percentage of effectiveness.
  • Call processing by profile or bulk processing.

TVT. Voice to Text Transcription
Feelings analysis

Obtaining the transcription of Text calls can be extremely useful when you need to perform quality analysis or evaluate detection using keywords. TVT allows you to obtain calls transcribed into text with a high degree of precision thanks to the AI models incorporated into the system.

The satisfaction analysis is carried out by analyzing the variables with Regenerative AI, the words, feeling, expression and others will evaluate whether a conversation was satisfactory, neutral or negative.