ApoloSwitch 3.3

Apolo SBC Switch

New version 3.3
Traffic Protections

The solution that combines Security, Border, Wholesales and Billing.

Session Border Controller Applications

Provider Operator – Enterprise Session Border Controllers

Apolocore are generally installed at the edge of the Operator's network for interconnection with customers and suppliers, creating a border between the networks. It is also used in the interconnection of business PBX for trunk connectivity or remote registration of users who are not physically in the company.

Unifying communications environments

Is often are used to transform fragmented communication environments made up of different PBX or UC implementations into integrated systems with unified dial plans, features, and policies.

Traffic Balancer

At times, operators receive large avalanches of Call Center traffic that can saturate their VoIP networks. Balancer mode is used to distribute and balance high impact traffic in CPS on several Ip-SIP nodes.


  • UDP, TCP and TLC
  • Support: IPv4 - IPv6
  • Support for SNMP
  • Management RTP
  • SIP Register Client
  • Private and Public SIP
  • Multi Networking
  • Support RTC
  • Dashboard and detailed
  • Traffic Balancer
  • Routing and Priotiry
  • Ani Random
  • Automatic Billing
  • Reports and CDRs
  • Performance Module
  • IAMD Call Center
  • List User-Agent
  • GeoIP blocking
  • Security routing prefix
  • Protection traffic
  • ANI blocking
  • Automatic lock
  • Fraud Detection
  • Transaction Check
  • CPS: 300 CPS
  • 300.000 Subscribers
  • Concurrent calls: 10.000
  • Group Balancer: 20
  • Routes: Unlimited
  • Record BD: 100 million
  • Client Management
  • Unlimited Rates

NLB-Border from ApoloCore is based on Kamailio SIP (RFC 3261). 10,000 concurrent calls.


Ability to route to several Softswitch, considering priorities and unlimited number of routes.


Interconnection node towards the PSTN concentrating all core switches for IN / OUT routing.


Management of transactions by calls, monitoring and tracing for SIP causes and management of CDR.


It includes IP Firewall, GeoIP and SIP protection for User Agent management as well as Firewall INVITE Prefix.


Convert the traditional VoIP network architecture to 1 + 1 with automatic switching for SIP trunks and interconnections.


Management based on a fast and friendly WEB interface, without Access to traditional command consoles.


Billing System for traffic and Multi Currency and Multi vendor products. Unlimited rate management.


They work on any combination of VMware™, KVM/OpenStack™, Amazon/AWS™, Microsoft Azure™(*) and physical servers.

Scenery Application

Scenery Border Solution

The Border Solution is designed for telecommunications operators. Creating a border between providers and the core of the operator is the main objective of the Border Scenery, creating security and presenting to the networks exclusively with all SBC sip headers, protecting the configuration of the Operator's Core.

  • Balancer Gateway
  • Routing and Gateway
  • Billing System

Session border controller and its role in VoIP communications

The role of an SBC in VoIP Telecommunications Networks.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a far cry from standard legacy PSTN lines. Voice is "packed" and uses IP to travel the open lanes of the Internet until it reaches the final destination, where the packets are reassembled. That makes voice traffic vulnerable to malicious attacks like denial of service (DoS).

There is also the other aspect of media codecs and protocol handling to enable smooth communication. The third is to hide the internal network topology from outside view to maintain security and facilitate communications. There are minor but no less important tasks like scaling and prioritizing traffic that the SBC handles with ease.

A session border controller (SBC) is a device that regulates and protects IP communications. It sits on the frontier of your VoIP network and plays a multi-dimensional role that covers: security regulation, connectivity, quality of service, and compliance.

Session border controllers are used to control a user's IP communications sessions. SBC were originally created for VoIP networks, but are now used to regulate all forms of online communication: VoIP, text, video, and other collaboration formats.

To understand one of the many roles that the SBC plays, one should take a look at the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP. Over time, various types of SIP developed, which brought activation problems in VoIP communications. One would have to go into an extensive explanation of how SIP works.

In summary, what happens when a SIP session is established is that the endpoints carry information about the IP addresses of the source and destination point. SIP messages carry "open" headers that are used by proxy servers in the chain. This means that malicious attackers can use this information to attack proxies and gateways. It is easy to tunnel into networks and launch any type of attack such as:

  • DoS and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) that cause traffic to be blocked.
  • Introduce malware.
  • Leverage data from your organization's network.
  • Misusing VoIP to make calls at the subscriber's expense.

What does a session border controller do in this Scenery? When SIP messages pass through the SBC, it replaces the addresses of internal components and encrypts information, making it difficult for hackers to target networks.

  • The SBC can limit traffic and prevent DoS.
  • Attempts at SQL injection can be forestalled by analysis of incoming SIP messages and rejecting malicious or wrong formatted content.
  • By hiding internal topology it makes it difficult for hackers to target VoIP networks, Then again, it functions as a back to back user agent and splits SIP transactions into server and client parts, maintains state information and deletes it on call termination.

Why do you need an SBC on your network

The standard of modern business communications is the SIP protocol for VoIP, but they are not completely secure on their own. If you are using VoIP on your business network, you also need a session border controller (SBC) to mitigate the risk of threats from external attackers.

SBC are the first line of defense between your networks and untrusted IP networks, using features like intrusion detection and prevention, rate limiting, blacklists, and advanced call control to keep your business communications secure.

It also often happens that the SIP protocol versions are often not compatible with their media servers or simply the handling of audio RTP packets have problems to transit on data networks due to NAT Traversal issues or handling of the UDP protocol. The Session Border Driver (SBC) solves most of these issues.

  • High availability architecture (1 + 1)
  • Protection against VoIP threats such as denial of service, broker or fraud.
  • Secure connection of remote users without a VPN connection.
  • SIP Firewall activation. The network firewall is not sufficient for the SIP protocol.
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What You Can Accomplish with Apolo SBC

A product for professional networks.

Start working with Apolocore SBC: A package of programs designed for Telecommunications Operators based on Kamailio for VoIP traffic, oriented to large Telecommunications Infrastructures with the need for administration and flexibility of interconnections for thousands of SIP transactions. SBC functions to handle and balance large volumes of VoIP traffic, developed to carry out interconnections with Carriers and Providers depending on the main Border or Gateway.

Proxy HA

High availability and mutation of systems for providers.

Balancing Traffic

Wholesale load balancing and distribution.

Border Gateway

Security, interconnection concentration and gateway routing.

Front Enterprise

Application for the front of the enterprise PBX, security against attacks.

Network security and reliability.
Dynamic Firewall SIP

Integrated smart firewall for security attacks and SIP service theft, malformed packets, denial of service (DoS) attacks. Enhanced SIP Security Service to protect the privacy of your company and attacks based on SIP Methods.

Geoip function, country blocking and User Agent recognition system for blocking in case of danger recognition

  • Blocking based on real-time packet monitoring.
  • Packet analysis based on fault codes with Automatic Blocking Events
  • White list and black list for IPs, Countries and User Agents

Traffic Management and Analysis
CDR and Statistics Module

In depth monitoring and analysis of service quality indicators in real time.

Tracking, SIP Trace, Traffic Statistics for all clients and with a simplified and centralized control module. Generation of failure cause analysis reports, ASR, ACD and other quality indicators.

Billing System
Automatic billing module.

Integrated module for automatic billing of large volumes of traffic, time periods, template and generation of PDF invoices with details of traffic, services and products.

  • Rate management.
  • Product management by category.
  • Creation of Multi Seller (selling companies)
  • Creation of Template Billing and automatic invoice generation
  • Tax management and Multi-Currency.
Scenery Application

NLB Scenery Balancer Traffic + Gateway Routing and Portability

Start working with Apolocore SBC which can provide everything you need to create a professional and secure system.

Eventually operators receive traffic from a Wholesale or Call-Center customer that is aggressive in terms of calls per second and number of channels to be processed by a single platform or a SIP node, this often causes degradation of the service collapse of the softswitch and others that end with the loss of service.

  • Create 20 groups of independent balancers.
  • More than 10.000 simultaneous calls
  • Answered Calls per Second. CPS = 300
Scenery Application

SBC 1+1 HA + Gateway Routing

Proxy HA is designed to perform the primary exchange of all SIP dialogs with subscribers, creating the registration session, subscriber and other methods to the client such as Domain-Subscriber.

The function of SBC Proxy HA performs all the forwarding of SIP packets to the Softswitch or media servers configured as main and backup which are constantly checked at the service level with Option Packet to determine their availability and perform the eventual switching.

  • Register client = 300,000
  • 1 + 1 switching
  • Routing Gateway

Everything at a glance

The Apolocore NLB Border summary screen is developed with operators in mind who need to know the status of nodes and traffic behavior in real time.

Server performance and traffic behavior with granular information that allows decision-making and advanced diagnostics.

Set up the System

Configure all system functions in a simple, service-oriented way. Apolo works in the services layer, which makes it very easy to configure the tools, modules and interface for operation. Create user profiles depending on the needs of the company.

Advanced Routing

Creation of Gateway, Clients, Core and SBC nodes for entry and exit of SIP traffic. Prepare the routing policies of your NLB Border by creating routes with prefix manipulation possibilities.

Routing based on SIP Proxy to handle large capacities and multiple transactions considering Origin and Destinations.

Management SIP Calls

Apolo enables detailed diagnostics by filtering calls to obtain all SIP causes, for calls and responses from each routed destination.

A powerful tool stores without any effort the entire SIP dialogue for each call, allowing detailed analysis of each package.

System Security

Security System (IP Firewall) White / Black List by continents and countries (GeoIP). Firewall for administration of User-Agent SIP and dialing prefixes IN / OUT.

Hide the topology of your network and clean up unwanted packages, network scanner and malicious packages.

Sniffer Packet SIP

Online tracing tool, through SIP dialogs, maps each call in real time by storing the information ordered for each package.

With SIP Tracer, the diagnoses are simpler and faster considering strict compliance with RFC standards.

Billing System