I-AMD - Professional Solution

I-AMD Apolocore

Inteligent Answering Machine Detections.

Boost Call Center Efficiency with Answering Machine Detection.

Advanced Media Analysis - IAMD

Early Media Analysis – European Standard

I-AMD Helps you achieve high accuracy in determining whether the call is being received by a person or by an answering machine. With advanced voice recognition, the machine makes decisions in microseconds to go to an agent or hang up the call, even before the answer.

Analysis after the answer - American standard.

I-AMD analyzes the client's response after the 200 OK and recognizes in a few seconds if it is a machine or a human, making the precise decision for the routing of the call.

WEB Cloud Management and Integration via API.

Create interconnections for many clients and provide a single management interface, manage I-AMD capabilities and provide your clients with online data and statistics via web or API integrated with your dialer.

How impact works in your Call Center

A large percentage of calls are unsatisfied by voicemail autoresponders or ad machines. This feature helps to insightfully identify the answering machine to avoid call charges and play an alternative voice record or hang up a call, significantly increasing agent efficiency.

The combination of SBC Apolocore + I-AMD forms a node capable of handling all routing safely and efficiently for any Call Center, integrating itself natively to its dialer. Fast and efficient integration.

Early analysis of the Mean RTP with complex algorithms of comparison of Frequency, amplitude, silent times determine with an accuracy of 98% if the response is from a human or a machine. It all happens before the customer answers, providing a really effective call for your agent.

  • Record of calls and transactions.
  • Early Media analysis (amplitude and frequency) with response time statistics.
  • Secure connection of remote users to view their I-AMD statistics.
  • Activation of the SIP firewall. A SIP service level firewall with 3 levels of security.
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Web Administration.
Statistics and Reports

A powerful web interface allows you to manage and get I-AMD processing statuses. Create user profiles for each functionality.

Assign the capacity of I-AMD channels and obtain important parameters for decision making.

  • Ring time per call. Averages.
  • Statistics per client.
  • Causes of failure and export of CDRs and failed calls by cause.

API integration. Integrate your dialer.
Decisions based on statistics.

In depth monitoring and analysis of service quality indicators in real time.

Receive statistics in real time via API. Execute the update procedures automatically from your call center to obtain the online statistics. Make decisions based on real information.

Scenario I-AMD Solutions

SBC I-AMD Architecture

The I-AMD solution is combined with the powerful functions of Apolocore SBC as the main system, Apolocore I-AMD performs all security, routing, billing and other functions, as well as providing the excellent Answering Machine Detection functionality, which provides the perfect solution for a Call Center organizing and standardizing all the interconnection with its providers.

  • AMD System.
  • Balancer Gateway and Security.
  • Routing and Gateway Border.
  • Billing System